Whitegoods Recycling & Refurbishment

This social enterprise is centred on the refurbishment & recycling of whitegoods, especially fridges, washing machines & dryers.

The young people involved in the program test, repair & clean the used whitegoods & electronics whilst developing a greater understanding of sustainability & community, improving their skills & creating education & employment pathways.

The refurbished items are used for second hand sales, broken down for spare parts, or recycled through the scrap metal process, meaning there is zero landfill. All proceeds from sales go back into the program or towards donation of items to those in need.

Please call 03 9982 5600 if you would like to donate your white goods.

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Uniform Recycling Project

The Uniform Recycling Project offers companies & sporting groups an opportunity to recycle & reuse their discontinued uniforms, preventing them from ending up in landfill.

Companies & sporting groups donate excess or discontinued uniforms, which are assessed for their re-usability. Responsibility is giving to the young people involved in the program to sort the materials, securely shred the items & rejuvenation of the materials.

The garments are securely shredded & reused for purposes such as filler for punching bags or, where appropriate, logos are removed or covered and the uniforms then can be reused & redistributed to disadvantaged groups.

Young people are involved in the manufacture of the punching bags & a percentage of the finished punching bags are donated to sporting clubs & youth centres.

In Your Shoes

Our In Your Shoes program is run in over 100 schools around the state, & gives people an opportunity to donate their secondhand, wearable shoes to groups in need around Australia & the World.

Throughout this program disadvantaged young people are provided with training and employment opportunities throughout the collection, sorting and redistribution process, and shoes are diverted from landfill.

The In Your Shoes Program is not just about donating the things you don’t need. We only accept clean, wearable items with no holes or stains.


Please call 03 9982 5600 if you would like to donate your shoes.

Hit the button below to find out more about the program and see how you or your school can get involved!

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Computer Recycling

Our Computer Recycling Project sees participants recycling and refurbishing computer equipment. Much of this unwanted e-waste is still very useful and participants data wipe, repair and clean the equipment for resale.

Equipment that cannot be refurbished is scrapped and recycled responsibly through our accredited recycling partners. Participants learn valuable skills in Information Technology, Hardware Upgrades, Repair, Logistics, Administration and Recycling.

This is our newest social enterprise, having only started in August 2015. In only 3 months has already diverted over 10 tonnes of e-waste from landfill.

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