A safe place for young people

‘Our Place’ Youth Space provides a safe space for young people in the community to come together & access a variety of services & programs to support them in reaching their potential.

Our Place exists because Kids Off The Kerb want to connect communities’ together to give at-risk & marginalised young people the support they need to succeed in life & re-engage with their communities.

Kids Off The Kerb aim is to create a space where young people can develop a sense of pride, belonging & respect. On this foundation they can then build their networks & their future & begin to achieve their own success.

This environment is created through generous donations from Built & the Property Industry Foundation, to allow us to renovate ‘Our Place’ into a usable space.

The programs for this space include:

  • A multicultural drop in location where young people can gather & meet people from different walks of life
  • Peer-to-peer education concerning ice & other drugs
  • Peer-to-peer education encompassing life skills & personal development
  • A Young Leaders’ course
  • A Yearn to Give program that gives underprivileged youth opportunities to give to other members of their community
  • A Healthy Food program designed around nutritional education & the exploration of intercultural cuisine

Kids Off The Kerb is continually looking towards creating partnerships with local businesses & community groups to establish programs where young people can develop their networks through a peer-to-peer mentoring, intercultural workshops & education & employment sessions to help break the cycle & be active & engaged members of the community.

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