White Goods Refurbishment and Recycling Program

The White Goods Refurbishment and Recycling Program is a social enterprise focussed on the refurbishment and recycling of white goods, especially fridges, washing machines and dryers.

Kids Off The Kerb collects the items from households and businesses and processes them at our Thomastown factory. The young people involved in the program are provided with the opportunity to be trained in the various aspects of the program while developing a greater understanding of sustainability and community. Through the program the young people improve their skills and create education and employment pathways.

The refurbished items are used for second hand sales, broken down for spare parts, or recycled through the scrap metal process, meaning there is zero landfill. Proceeds from sales go back into the program.

The program assists with the education of the community and individuals in environmental and sustainable practices. The distribution of goods back into the community and the diversion from landfill goes to supporting federal, state and local objectives of reducing environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Kids Off The Kerb aims to create sustainable training, employment and business opportunities for program participants, particularly young people considered at risk, while also increasing the capacity of its operation.

This helps connect and provide job seekers with access to real job training and also to trained mentors to provide work experience and job ready skills in transport and logistics, sustainability, business administration and customer service related industries. Job seekers are mentored and can have their practical skills and knowledge showcased to employers, community groups, government and other key stakeholders.

The positive effect on the participants’ own sense of self-worth will encourages them in seeking employment opportunities and/or further education.

Kids Off The Kerb currently provides a free collection service for residents of the City of Whittlesea and through the City of Yarra and Bacchus March transfer stations.

Due to COVID-19 and the current limitations on our service, we are in the process of reviewing what other Council areas we can provide a free collection service to after 31 January 2021.

White goods can also be dropped off at our factory at 9 Dunstans Court, Thomastown.  For further information please call (03) 9982 5600.

 “Creating Worth Through Worthwhile Enterprise”